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Mountain Lion

Mountain lion is a hunt we recommend every big game hunter experiences at least once in their life. We work closely with several of the state's top houndsmen to take you on this exciting hunt. Catching cats is a unique skill. You will appreciate the dedication and professionalism that goes into making these hunts a success.
We offer fully guided hunts from early November and run through the middle of March. All hunts are conducted with the use of dogs. You can expect early mornings and long days as we search the mountains for your trophy.
Hunts are conducted using trucks, side by sides, and snowmobiles.
Part of what makes our operation successful is the amount of country we cover. Our location varies from week to week depending on weather and hunting pressure.
We will notify you prior to your hunt what mountain we will be hunting that week.
Lodging will be based out of a motel close to the hunting area.
6 Day hunts $7500
Meals and lodging not included.

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Mountain Lion Hunting Utah
Guided Mountain Lion Hunts Utah
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