Utah Big Game


Bighorn Sheep

Co-owner Coby has built a reputation as one of the top sheep guides in the state of Utah. He has successfully guided clients to multiple B & C animals including the current Rocky Mountain muzzleloader state record ram. He was also successful with the 2021 & 2022 Sportsman tag holders.As a central Utah native, cattle rancher, and avid big game hunter. You will be hard pressed to find someone who knows the sheep of south central Utah as well as him and the crew at Utah Big Game Outfitters.

For Rocky Mountain Sheep
We focus on the Bookcliff South, 9 Mile Grey Canyon, and Jack's Creek unit.


For Desert Sheep
We focus on the Dirty Devil, Henry Mountain's, Lockhart and Kaiparowits units.

Give Coby a call today for more information on this once in a lifetime experience.

Matt Bambrough