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Utah Big Game Outfitters is your one-stop shop for big game hunting in Utah. Based out of Green River, Utah, we are centrally located to some of the best hunting Utah has to offer. we are fully prepared to guide you on almost any unit in the state. There are a few units where we feel our success has set us apart. Our main focus is on the Bookcliff Roadless, Central Mountains Manti, La-Sal, Fish Lake & Henry Mountains for elk, deer, bison, black bear, and cougar.

At Utah Big Game Outfitters, we offer exceptional guided hunts catering to seasoned hunters and those new to the sport. Our commitment to excellence and safety ensures that every hunting expedition with us is an adventure to remember. From the challenging terrains to the abundance of wildlife, Utah provides the perfect backdrop for an extraordinary hunting experience.

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the wilderness with our exclusive guided hunts. Our professional guides will lead you through the rugged beauty, where you can pursue the majestic bighorn sheep, elk, deer, and mountain lion. With Manti Mountain, Bookcliff, and La Sal elk hunting and Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep hunting, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in Utah's natural splendor while engaging in the thrill of the hunt.

Guided Hunts in Utah: Your Gateway to Thrilling Outdoor Pursuits

Our guided hunts are meticulously designed to showcase the area’s diverse wildlife and stunning natural surroundings. Here are the unique guided hunting experiences we offer, each carefully crafted to provide an unforgettable adventure in the wilderness:

  • Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunting
  • Bighorn Sheep Hunting
  • Elk Hunting
  • Deer Hunting
  • Manti Mountain Elk Hunting
  • Bookcliff Elk Hunting
  • La Sal Elk Hunting
  • Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Hunting
  • Mountain Lion Hunting
  • Mule Deer Hunting

Utah Big Game Outfitters invites you to experience the thrill of guided hunts in Utah's picturesque landscapes. Our expert guides and seasoned hunters ensure an exhilarating and successful experience, whether you're pursuing desert bighorn sheep, elk, deer, mountain lions, or mule deer in the diverse terrain.

Co-owner Coby Hunt specializes in rocky and desert big horn sheep on most units in the state. We currently hold the state muzzleloader record for rocky mountain bighorn and have successfully harvested multiple B & C animals. One thing that sets us apart is the fact that we are avid mule people and prefer to take a more traditional approach to our hunts and focus on the more remote parts of each unit. Please take a minute to view our entire website. You will find detailed information about all of the hunts we offer pictures from successful clients.

We are happy to help you apply in the draw to help get the maximum use out of your points. Utah also has a conservation tag program where you can buy tags at auctions rather than apply them in the draw.

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